Fairchild Family

Fairchild Family

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mikayla playing at the park. She has mastered the jungle gym and slide! Whoohoo, FUN TIMES!!

Patrick (daddy) and Mikayla the butterfly trick or treating for Halloween Oct 31 in our neighborhood along with mommy, Michele, Eric, and Aiden.

Grandma Mary and Mikayla at grandma's house in CO; nothing beats sitting on grandma's lap!

Some of the girls, Katelyn, Nanette, and Tiffany. Carolyn had to work :(

Going out for Nanette's Birthday dinner in Oct in CO at Sonoda's Sushi--YUMMY!!

Eric, Patrick, Nanette, Tiffany, Katelyn

Aunt Tiffany giving Mikayla a smooch!

Mikayla cruising down the driveway; her favorite thing to do when we are outside!


Hi friends and family! Welcome to the Fairchild Family Blog. We were in Colorado visiting family in October. Patrick, Nanette, Mikayla--I mean the butterfly went on a trick or treat hayride with Trinity--I mean Cinderella and Aunt Carolyn around grandma's house. We had a blast!