Fairchild Family

Fairchild Family

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Awesome church, Alpine, had a super fun Halloween party tonight! Mikayla dressed up her Ladybug costume, ate some yummy chili, visited with friends, rode a horse, got her face painted, and ate some yummy candy!! We are so happy to have Alpine in our lives!!

A fun visit to the Treehouse museum with our great friends!!

Mikayla's friend kaylee celebrated her 3rd Birthday with a great princess party. Cinderella was there and all the girls were dressed up in their cute princess dresses--so cute!! Mikayla and I had a great time!!

We went to Black Island Farms--a pumpkin patch/farm last weekend with some of our great friends. We had such a great time!

Last week, Mikayla and I went on a super fun pumpkin patch hayride with our moms group. We had such a great time and got to take 2 pumpkins home!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween fun!!

My mom, aka grandma, sent Mikayla a card for Halloween--she loves it!!! In the card were some pretty cool stickers. Of course she went to town and has already used them all--she went for the Hello Kitty ones first! She loves to make sticker crafts!

Her auntie Thryn sent her a Halloween package with a cute pumpkin bear aka orange bear, and a cute flashlihgt necklace. She loves them both!!!

Thanks auntie Thryn and grandma!!

Our big girl in her toddler bed!!!!

We, actually Patrick, took some time and finally painted Mikayla's room. Since I am pregnant, he wanted me no where near the paint. We bought her some new twin size bedding (for when she moves to a twin bed), matched the colors, and went town painting. Our first idea, was to paint yellow on top, light pink on the bottom, a chair rail between the two, then a brighter pink around her window seat. After the paint was on the walls, we changed our minds, and decided to go with yellow, and a darker pink with a chair rail and paneling below her window seat. I am going to try and make a window seat cushion and some curtains for her, we'll see :-).

We moved her into the spare room while Patrick was paining and when we moved her back into her room, we decided to convert her crib to a toddler bed--wow our little girl is growing up! The first night, she fell aslepp no problem at all. About 2 hrs after we put her down, we heard a couple of thuds on the ground. We raced upstairs and Patrick found her trying to get up off the floor--oohh. He picked her up, gave her a big hug, then put her back in bed all without her crying!! She slept soundly the rest of the night :-). The next day was a challenge for naps, I had to put her back in her bed 4 times, before she fell asleep. I wanted to make sure she was in bed, so I camped out outside of her door--I fell asleep also!!

She has not fallen out of bed since, and I have only had to put her back into bed once for naps--yay!!! We decided to order her a twin bed that will arrive sometime next week. We also bought some cute decals and painted her letters that spell her name, pink and green--which we will put up when we put her new bed together.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When I take Mikayla's hair out, before bed/bath time! My little one has a fro--too cute! She calls it crazy hair and I have to agree!

A friend (Brittany) passed along this blog to me, http://wwww.princesshairstyles.com/
I have been able to get some great ideas. The girl has much longer hair than Mikayla, but I am tying to do some modifications. I am going to try master french braiding this week :-) Here are a couple of cute styles.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am now 26 wks almost 27!! At 25 wks, I went to my monthly appt and also did my glucose tollerance test. Circle of Life has you drink an 8oz glass of OJ and eat a candy bar 45 min prior to your appt, instead of making you drink that glucose drink. Well, I passed my sugar was 123 and it needed to be under 135.

I however was skeptical with the results I received having diet controlled gestational diabetes with Mikayla. My midwife understood my concerns and wrote me a script for test strips and lancents to use with my glucometer. But, I kinda relaxed for a week, and was just eating food that always reminds me of a saying from a childhod comerical, 'A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips', cookies, treats, etc...Well I decided that I should get serious and start checking my sugars, and I am so glad I started. 1 to even 2 hrs after eating sugary sweets my sugars have been as high as high as 167--uh oh!! Luckily I know how to lower my sugars, walking up and down the stairs (20 or more times), squats, pushups, jumping around--any thing to get my muscles to adsorb my blood sugar and tons of water! I have now been checking 4 times a day and avoiding the sugar--no fun, but way easier to take off the weight after the baby arrives. I have been having normal readings after eating good meals. I am going to call my midwife tomorrow and discuss my findings and see what the next step is.

Other than that, I feel great!! I am almost in the 3rd trimester--wow!!! I went through Mikayla's old baby clothes and pulled out all the neutral clothes--wow they are so small!! I thank God everyday for blessing me with this beautiful child that is growing in me!!

I have been experimenting with Mikayla's hair lately, trying to come up with some cute and different hairstyles, other than just a ponytail or a pigtail. Here is a pic of some cute braiding and ponytails I did. Luckily she sits pretty still for me, she is usually brushing her teeth or watching TV--ah the joys of TV sometimes!
Oh wow, a lot has happened since I last blogged!! First and fore most Mikayla is now potty trained, she still has an occasional pee accident, and some days are better than others :-); but stays dry during naps and during the day (unless she has an accident). She is not night time potty trained, but wears a pull up or as we call them, 'night time underware'--I think that will take a while!! Check out this cute video of her singing a song from "Potty Power" a potty training DVD that totally helped. She is singing, 'no more diapers for me'!!