Fairchild Family

Fairchild Family

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our precious Mikayla, so full of smiles!! We are truly blessed with having Mikayla as our daughter. She grows more beautiful, lovable, and precious everyday! We love you Mikayla!!!

We were able to celebrate Syracuse Heritage Days at a parade with some of our friends; Dawn, Nathan, Emma, Eric, Michele, Aiden, Kyle, Emily,Andiee, and our neighbors, Chris, Jayne, and Kaysen. The parade was fun, it started with fire trucks and ambulances with the sirens on, which really scared Mikayla. Luckily I was right there to comfort her! Then there were a bunch of local businesses and shcools with floats and the people riding the floats were throwing out candy--yummy!!!

Mikayla loves having tee parties, especially when daddy joins her!

We have been telling Mikayla I have a new baby growing in my tummy, she thinks she has a baby in her tummy also, too cute! Here is a pic of my baby bump and Mikayla's gentle hand on the baby!

So, we are pregnant!!! Yay, we will be 13 weeks on Tues!!! Our due date is Jan 5, 2010; we feel so blessed to have this new life growing in my tummy!! This is an US pic taken when I was 10 weeks pregnant!

My late Father's day post; Mikayla and I along with our moms group made daddy a memorable father's day gift. We wrote and handprinted Mikayla's hands on a T-shirt just for dad and made him a cute card. He loved it. We gave him his gift, went out for a yummy breakfast, then headed to church, and spent the day together as a family. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful man like Patrick in our lives! He is kind, caring, patient, understanding, loving, and all around wonderful! We love you!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mikayla's new obsession; watercoloring or in her words wawa paint, PEASE!!!!

Mikayla loves wearing her backpack that she got for her birthday! Looks like she is ready to go!

Mikayla LOVES her stuffed monkey, Curious George. She loves giving him hugs, kisses, and makes sure he is well fed!

Mikayla is helping daddy with some work he brought home!
Mikiayla LOVES to roller skate. She is still a little unsteady, so we have her protected pretty well--elbow pads, knee pads, and a helmet!

We went to Carver's Cove Petting Zoo on Memorial Day, with my moms group, NWM. Mikayla loved seeing, petting, and feeding the animals. Many of the animals had just had babies, so cute!

Patrick went to visit his mom, Naomi and his sister, Kathryn. Naomi is staying in WA with Kathryn while she is getting some testing done for her shortness of breath, cough, and respiratory discomfort. Patrick drove down to WA and visited for a couple of days. We are thinking and praying everyday for you, Naomi!