Fairchild Family

Fairchild Family

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mikayla got her first offical haircut while we were in CO. Auntie Tiffany brought her shears home and cut Mikayla's hair, she cut off about an inch. I had taken her to Snipits in UT to get her haircut before, but was nervous they were going to cut too much off-so she just got a minimal trim. Luckily Tiffany is a professional hairsytlist and took some time to cut Mikayla's hair. Mikayla loved getting her haircut, that she wanted Tiffany to cut her stuffed animals hair also :-). Mikayla is still talkig about Auntie Tiffy cutting her hair!!!

Mikayla and I took a day to visit with my good friend Karie and her kids, Hayden, and Lauren we spent the mornig at Monkey Bizness (an indoor bounce place), then ate a PF Chang's--yummy! We were so lucky to see our great friends!!

Mikayla rode Misty with the help of grandma, auntie tiffany, and auntie katie. She loved it!

Mikayla stayed with grandma and papa while Patrick and I spent a romantic weekend in St. Augustine Florida. Our good friend Terry got married in St Augustine, FL. Our hotel was right on the beach!! We were also able to spend some time with our friends Brock and Kelly, we had a great time! We spent a day at the beach, ahh relaxation!! Another day touring around the city, Fountain of Youth, and the Fort, then saw our friends--Terry and Kristin get married!! Then back home the next day, short and sweet!!

Mikayla loved riding the tractor with papa and he loved having her ride with him!

My mom has a trampoline that Mikayla LOVED!!!!! She loves jumping!!!!

another slide show of fun pics from our trip to CO

We took a trip to visit my immediate family in CO. We had such a great time! Mikayla loved hanging out with grandma, papa, auntie tiffy, auntie katie, auntie carolyn,cousin trinity, and eric. Mikayla had an awesome time at her grandma's house, there is so much to do there: jump on the trampoline, pet and ride the horse, ride the jeep, walk around my moms land, just to name a few fun things. We can't wait to go back!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009