Fairchild Family

Fairchild Family

Sunday, February 22, 2009

our visit to CO

Just the girls hanging out! Tiffany, me, Lebeau, Mikayla, and Katie. Mikayla called all her aunts auntie and loved spending time with them. She misses them everyday and loves to Ovoo any chance she can get!!

We made a trip up to Colorado Springs to visit Aunt Carolyn and cousin Trinity. Mikayla loved seeing and playing with Trinity!

Trinity, Aunt Katie, and Mikayla Trin, nanna, and MJ

Our visit to CO

Mikayla and I were able to visit some friends while we were in CO. We visited Karie, Hayden, and Lauren. The kids had fun hanging out together, while Karie and I were able to catch up in person!

Here's a pic of the kids; Lauren, Hayden, and Mikayla

Our visit to CO

Wow, Nanna's house is fun!!!! Not only is there a horse, a wagon, a tractor to ride, plenty of room to run around, and oh ya, a trampoline--what fun!!!!!

Our visit to CO

Before Mikayla and I left for CO, we were practicing saying, grandma and pappa. She was able to get pappa down, but had a hard time with saying grandma. So, she just decided to call my mom, Nanna. My mom, Mary, or shall I say Nanna was very happy with her newly created name! Nanna lives out in the country and has a ton of space to run and play around. Mikayla loved going outside. Here is a pic of Nanna and Mikayla crusing on a wagon.

Mikayla and Nanette's visit to CO

Tiffany picked us up from the airport, and drove us to our moms (nanna's) house. After getting settled in; we went outside to visit Misty, my mom's horse. Mikayla loved petting Misty and even got to help feed Misty an apple. Here is Tiffany, Mikayla, and Misty.