Fairchild Family

Fairchild Family

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am 22 weeks pregnant this week, we had a target ultasound--where they measure different parts of the baby (head, bones, spine, heart, etc..) the baby looked great! We were able to see a couple of hands, feet and our adorable baby's face. Here I am at 22 wks and a great 4D US picture of the baby. I could not believe the great profile shot we were able to get of our sweet baby's face!! We are still not finding out the sex, surprise, suprise!!!!
I signed Mikayla up for a toddler dance class at Excell Dance Studio in Layton. A couple of Mikayla's friends were in the class--which made her very comfortable. The class is designed that the kids go in by themselves and the parents watch. They worked on stretching, jumping, marching, sacheing, summersalts, and having fun!Mikayla did such a great job, she stayed in with the other kids, listened, followed instruction, and had a great time all while looking absolutely adorable in her leotard, tutu, and ballet slippers!!

We finally got some front yard landscaping completed! Wow, we now have some curb appeal! We had a local concrete company pour an RV pad for us that goes from the street to the back of the house, now, we just need a boat... We planted some great shrubs in the front, planted some pretty flowers in pots, got a couple of unique decorations (a daisy and butterfly), bark, Patrick installed new sprinklers for the shrubs, and rerouted some other sprinklers. It looks great, enjoy!!

Two weeks ago, our friend Doris called and told us about a play log cabin that her neighbors had on the curb and were giving away for free. Patrick went and picked it up that night. We borrowed our neighbors pressure washer, cleaned it and put it together. Mikayla LOVES it!! Thanks Doris!!!