Fairchild Family

Fairchild Family

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We found our cute dog, Kimo (Hawaiian for James) cuddled up with some comfy blankets. So cute!!

My baby bump at 19 weeks!! Wow, this pregnancy is zooming by!! I am so glad to be in the 2nd trimester!! No more nausea--YAY!!!! Luckily Mikayla still takes a pretty good nap, so I am able to take a nap also, aahh!!! We have decided to not find out the sex of the baby, exciting!!

Our backyard neighbor, gave us some fresh corn on the cob that he grows; and Mikayla LOVED it!!!!!

We have some great friends, Angie, Damon, Tanner, and Caydence who moved to Colorado this last weekend. We were lucky enough to meet up with them for lunch before they left. Mikayla and Caydence; and Mikayla and Tanner. Mikayla talks about Tanner all the time, I know she is going to miss them. We will have to visit when we make our next trip out to CO!

Mikayla had her second Dentist appt the first week in August (8/3/09). At her first appt, her Dentist, Dr Wall just looked in her mouth while she was sitting on my lap. This time, the hygenist and I got her in a chair to get some X-rays, but she did last too long. She looks a little scared in the picture. We will try again next time. Mikayla and the hygenist brushed her teeth (which Mikayla LOVES to do) and Dr Wall examined her teeth while she was sitting in my lap. Dr Wall and his staff are excellent with children and try to make going to the dentist a fun experience, not a scary one. Mikayla got to pick out two toys for doing such a great job!

We went to Snow Basin for a free music festival a couple of weekends ago with our good friends, Chauntelle and Declan. Mikayla and Declan really enjoy being around each other. We joke that they are boyfriend/girlfriend!! We had such a great time listening to the music and enjoying the great food!